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Contact Information
What name do you want us to use in presentations? Do you have a nickname?
Groom Phone *
Groom Phone
What name do you want us to use in presentations? Do you have a nickname?
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
When are you getting married?
The specific address of the church, venue or place where you will be married. Are there any limitations on photography on the venue (flash, access etc.)?
What kind of wedding ceremony are you having? What time will it start? How long will it take?
What is the exact address of the wedding party venue? Are there any limitations on photography on the venue (flash, access etc.)? What time does the party start?
Will the photographer/s receive a placement as a part of the wedding party? If not, will there be a room for the photographer/s where they can securely store photography gear during the reception or party?
Will you provide for food for the photographer/s? Will the photographer/s be included in the food served for the guests during reception or party?
An overview of the timeline of the wedding day. E.g. "09:30 Hairdresser at ..... 11:30 Make-up at .... 12:30 Lunch at ..... 13:30 Portraits 16:00 Church etc."
When and where will we start our photography? E.g. "Photographer 1 will start the day at the hairdresser with the bride at 10:30 AM. The name of the Hairdresser is ..... and the adress is ..... . Photographer 2 will start with the groom at 11:30 AM at the hotel. Hotel name is ...... and the adress is ..... ."
How long would you like us to shoot? State a time of your preference.
How many guest will be attending your wedding?
If you are having group portraits taken, please list group members (their names and relations) and the groups you would like us to photograph. Every group will take approximately 3-4 minutes to photograph. E.g. 1. Bride + Groom + Brides parents (father John + mother Bridget) 2. Bride + Groom + Grooms parents (father Craig + mother Jane)
What will you names be after the wedding?
Where will we be shipping your wonderful pics and packages?
Name of Recipient of Invoice (i.e. who is going to pay the bill).
What language would you like to have for your wedding image gallery?
What are the names and contact information (internet address prefered) of other vendors you are working with? This includes people like hair dressers, make-up artists, bands, bakeries etc.
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
Add a third number as a emergency contact that will be available before and during the wedding in case of emergency.
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Is there anything we need to know about? This could include deaths, divorces, hard family situations, or other situations you want us to be aware of? Answer at your own discretion.
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