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Have an awesome wedding day, get memories for life and re-experience your day by seeing yourself in beautiful pictures with high quality.

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Kavilo Photography Team

We long to make the world a more beautiful place. We struggle and wonder at the complexities of this thing called life. We are hungry for more moments of feeling fully alive. We struggle to love, serve and live well in this oddly beautiful thing called marriage. We are crafters of legacies with a deep fascination in people's souls and intertwining paths. We hope to bring more meaningful and timeless stories into your wedding visuals. As you prepare to initiate the equally beautiful and weird covenant called marriage, we want to be there with open hearts and ready cameras.

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This is an invitation is to take a journey with us. To create something honest, beautiful and timeless together.

Our approach to wedding photography can be summarized in three words: story, legacy and art. Firstly, to tell your unique story during your wedding day. Secondly, to create images that will be deeply treasured for generations to come and finally we wish to make the world a more beautiful place through art.

Vasa bröllopsfotograf Kavilo Photography

We have seen and experienced the transforming and encouraging power of photography and that is something we want to offer you and your relationship.

Basically, we want to make your life better through beautiful images. We want your family and loved ones to be grateful and touched by the beautiful moments you shared together. We see your kids and grandkids treasure your pictures as they journey through life. We believe everybody needs to have their story told in an honest and compelling way. We hope we’ll get a chance to do that for you.

Bridal couples in Ostrobothnia summer 2020. Contact us for prices and availability. Do it now! Limited availability.

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What couples are saying about us:

“The strength of Kavilo Photography is their ability to meet people, and make them feel beautiful. The photography seems to happen on the side. It makes for many deep and touching moments caught on the pictures, and the portrait sessions were a true joy. Both Emmi and Ville are wonderful people, and it is a joy to simply spend time with them. When this is combined with such skill, it is easy to recommend them to shoot your wedding.” - Sofia and Olli

“Thank you for capturing the day, you were unceasing from morning to evening!! You have managed to capture the feelings and the atmosphere in in your photos in such an unbelievable way! And that you were with us all day long, all the time, led to us not even noticing that you were taking photos anymore. And it shows in the pictures! You are so immensely talented. Thank you! Hugs!” - The mother of the bride

“Emmi and Ville have an incredible talent to make people relax in front of the camera. They can bring out feelings so that they come alive in the pictures. We are more than satisfied with all the photos from our wedding day. It was good to know from the beginning that we would get the best possible pictures from our wedding day, because we know what Emmi and Ville can do.” - Ninni and Andreas

“We are so happy with our choice of photographers. Emmi & Ville really engaged with our life before the wedding to better understand what pictures we wanted. A clear 10 out of 10!” - Cindy and Anton

“You really should invest in a good photograher - you are not going to regret it. This photographer has a a really good social competence and the ability to deal with people. The photograher figures out what the couple appreciates, and the result is something that the couple really likes.” - Magnus and Lisette

Bridal couples in Ostrobothnia summer 2020. Contact us for prices and availability. Do it now! Limited availability.