Post-Wedding Questionnaire

Hello there!

Thank you for choosing to work with us! Please answer the questions below as best you can.

Your answers will help us in future work with you and other couples. If we find it suitable we might use your answers (or parts of them) when communicating with other people who would like to work with us (online, on the webpage or in print). We'll only use first names. It is so much nicer to hear from people who have had the experience themselves! If you have any questions, just let us know in the last section of the questionnaire!

You can write us in English. Voit kirjoittaa meille suomeksi. Du kan skriva åt oss på svenska. 

Looking forward to your answers!

Post Wedding Names *
Post Wedding Names
Please write us a testimonial, a few sentences is enough. If you would recommend us to one of your friends who are getting married, what would you say?