What are you all about?

Honest and beautiful wedding photography for people looking for good and timeless stories. Helping people see their unique selves through empowering wedding and portrait photography. We want to take beautiful images that help you and yours remember your great day with delight and help you through the rough patches in your marriage. In other words, if you love our images and approach to photography, we would love to photograph you!

What is your passion?

We love it when people really show up during a photo shoot. They become present in the moment and in their bodies. And we get to be a part of that moment. The real magic is that moment. What we do is create the space in which it is safe to be seen. That is our actual gift to those who choose to invest in themselves by getting their photos taken by us.

What are you good at?

Ville: Portraits and creative shots. I really like to go with the flow of a wedding and engage the people. I like to pick up the vibes and visual gems of the place. And dancing. I've got some mean moves saved for the dance floor.

Emmi: A mix of documentary and fine art portraits. I have a knack for posing and an eye for detail. My unobtrusive and calm presence during the wedding day has been mentioned as an appreciated gift by many brides over the years.

What do you not do?

Not big into manipulating things into existence that wasn't there in the first place. If you want a ginormous T-Rex chasing your wedding party through a dense jungle (which is pretty cool) we’ll call someone in to do it for us. We are more about the natural in-the-moment stuff.

Who are you?

Kavilo Photography is a registered Finnish company run by Ville and Emilia Kavilo, a married couple based in Kokkola, Finland. Learn more on our About page.

Where do you work?

All over the world. Our main focus is Northern Europe. We work out of Kokkola/Karleby, Finland. Travel costs will apply if your wedding is 50km outside of Kokkola.

What do you speak?

We are fluent in English, Swedish and Finnish. Emmi manages some French and Ville can pull of a mean fake German.

What is your equipment?

We want to work with as little as possible in order to be as mobile and flexible as possible. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is a key acronym for us when it comes to gadgetry. A professional camera and a couple of primes usually does it for us. Sometimes we bring along some reflectors, flashes and photography gadgets. We prefer available light, and sometimes our flash is available.

Do you edit a lot?

We try to bring out the sense and feel of the image we visualised when taking the shot.

If you happened to produce a gigantic pre-wedding pimple on your forehead the night before our shoot, then don't worry. If it isn't a characteristic part of you, it's not supposed to be in the picture. The thing is, either we believe there is something beautiful about being human or there isn't. We believe there is. And that beauty shouldn't look like someone else's. That is the truly beautiful.

How long have you been working?

We've been working as a full time wedding photography agency for three years. We've been shooting weddings for six years.

When should we have our portraits taken?

We recommend having your portraits taken outside of your wedding day. That way you'll have both the chance to have an unhurried portrait session without the time constraints and a more calm and relaxed wedding day. We understand that tis is not always possible. If you want your portraits taken during your wedding day, then we recommend having two shorter sessions during the day: one in the afternoon and another at sunset. This is both because it will give you two possible getaways during the day to be with each other and you will get a greater variety of images with different kinds of beautiful light.

What do other people think about your photography?

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Do you work alone?

We work as a husband and wife team, and that is the way we love it! The value it brings to the wedding day is really huge. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and know how to communicate. We have two unique ways of seeing the world that really compliment each other. We work together, taking turns,  in order to keep a fresh creative mind throughout your day. We work together so that you’ll get the pictures you need even if one of us get obstructed (you now, sick, break a leg etc.). We also work with some trusted and talented friends when needed.