Power of Limitation

This world is full of endless possibilities. You cannot do it all. Be weary of the guide books. Because they seldom are guides. They are more like all you can eat buffets. And you don't want to live off of a buffet during a longer pilgrimage. 

Self-limitation is a novel and foreign idea in the western hemisphere. Why should I limit my self? I want it all and I want it now! Self-limitation lies at the heart of the life of a maturing pilgrim. We understand that we are not trying to become everything, but a very special something. By every choice, and therefore voluntary self-limitation, we become more of that specific something. 

Local fisherman trying his nets by the An Bang Beach shoreline, Hoi An, Vietnam. 

Local fisherman trying his nets by the An Bang Beach shoreline, Hoi An, Vietnam. 

Don't Impress, Improve

For anyone attempting anything that could be considered impressive, there is an inbuilt temptation to do it in order to impress. It matters not who it is that you are trying to impress, be it you, God, or someone else. The act of doing something in order to impress leaves a deep impression on the soul. To imagine yourself as a impressive being will feed the latent hubris lurking in any pilgrims heart. 

We wander not to impress, but to improve. Our boon is not the applauds of the other, but our greater ability to love them. We have no guarantee that our pilgrimage will lend us this boon, but we walk and trust that the journey will work out what needs to be worked out in us.


Dear soul, you need not impress, for you are already loved, welcomed and celebrated.  

Exposing Wounds

We all carry soul wounds. Wounds that will steer the course of our lives in our effort to ease the pain they cause. For the most of us these wounds are invisible. We need the help of others to see them. We need the help of Another to heal them. Usually we form a false self around the wounds of our soul. We create a false self in order to hide our wounds, in order to hide ourselves. 

I've come to know some of the wounds of my soul through the gaze and words of other pilgrims. There is grace in exposing wounds to a loving gaze. It is a step in the journey of healing. Choose your recipients wisely, not everybody can handle the wounds of others. Choose your recipients wisely, don't let fear guide your choice. Choose, share, and wait for the light to pour in. 

Somewhere inside Hué Old Citadel, Vietnam

Somewhere inside Hué Old Citadel, Vietnam