A Journey into Creativity and Vulnerability

It has been a long journey to make this art available to you. It has been a journey from shame to shyness to excitement. For a long time I've seen myself as a poor artist. I just wasn't good enough and didn't believe I could make anything worth while. Once I started to show these whimsical doodles to me friends I was surprised. It has been a joy-filled experience to see the amount of people wanting to own these precious doodles. They are a whimsical icons depicting hope. Small works of ink art to make the world a more beautiful place. To awake wonder and remind us of the more naïve, unspoilt places in our souls. 

I have been encouraged by Seth Godin's words in the On Being interview with Krista Tippett. I heard his tell me to have courage to bring what I've made infort of my community and say: "Hey you all! Look at this, I made it!" This is what I am doing. Another voice, that of Brené Brown, has spoken words of encouragement as well. What i've heard from her is: "Have the courage to become visible and therefore vulnerable." This is me taking such a step. Becoming visible as a artist. Stepping out and taking the plunge. 

More pics over at our web shop (for European customers only at this point, contact us if you are interested in buying prints or downloads from outside of Europe): 


// Ville