California Dreaming - A Pixel Trade Experiment

There is one thing in business that seldom gets questioned. Money. What if we question that one factor for once? Let's assume that there are other ways of serving each other. Not charity in the traditional sense, though that is awesome as well. What about peer-to-peer trade based on perceived value? We could offer our photography services

weddings, engagements, family shoots, company branding images, new profile picks for webpage, new headshots for LinkedIn, home specific art, empowering photography session, Your Story session, a Day in Your Life session etc.

in exchange,

not for money,

but for services or other stuff, like

a cup of nice coffee, a fancy dinner, a roadtrip, a two way train ticket for two Santa Barbara - San Fransisco, a buss ride from Santa Barbara to LAX, a new pair of pants, some cool nerdy gadgets, supplements, a picnic, a weekend hike in the woods/mountains, nice concert, a cool surprise etc.

Want to join in on the experiment? We'll be in California from the 19th of April until the 22nd of May. Let us know on our Contact page. 

The inspiration behind this experiment is Shatanu Starick and his Pixel Trade project. 

Peace and happy experimenting,