Appreciation Fatigue

Seek to live a calm and simple life. 

Life on the road is usually simple when it comes to possessions. You can only bring a certain amount of stuff. Long term travel can make you aware of how little possessions you need in order to thrive. And the longer you travel, the less stuff you seem to want. 

Life on the road can be simple when it comes to daily routines. The pilgrim life can be boiled down to the bare essentials: eat, sleep and love. Simple, but not always easy. Especially if you attempt too much, too fast. 

A common occurrence among those on a longer journey for the first time is the surprising inset of appreciation fatigue. Appreciation fatigue is the inability to appreciate all the experiences you are having as you travel.  You have been treating a long term pilgrimage as one would treat a week long adventure vacation. You were fine for the first couple of weeks but just can't keep up with all the impressions any more. Your mind is full and can't take in any more. You've gotten appreciation fatigue. 

This is your being telling you to slow down in order to process all the impressions.  Silence, solitude and meditation as well as prayer will probably help. Sometimes working it out in conversation or journaling might help as well. But the most important part is not stuffing yourself with a ton of new impressions before you have digested the first ones. Staying put and not doing anything until you feel you are ready for more is important for restoration of beauty receptivity. So, go slow, digest, and experience appreciation returning.

A secluded beach on Koh Lanta, Thailand. 

A secluded beach on Koh Lanta, Thailand.