Kavilo Photography Goes Sabbatical

It's an experiment. It's trying an alternative lifestyle. It's a step out in faith. It's us and the road with our two backpacks for the next 7 months. Yup, the arrangements have been made. We fly out in less than two weeks. First stop? Bali.

When we got married in 2013 we had already made a decision to postpone the honeymoon. In fact, we kinda threw the whole idea of honeymoon out the window. We started planning for a sabbatical instead. A honeyYEAR, if you will.

There is a lot we could share about our journey up to here; how our plans and expectations have altered along the way, how we've reasoned with all the practicalities, the timing and so on. So, why are we doing this? In short, we are doing this because a) we can b) we want to  c) traveling gives great perspective d) we can have 7 months of summer and sun? You bet we're in!

Our itinerary for the moment looks something like this: Bali (1 month) - Southeast Asia (2 months) - Chile (2-3 months) - California (1 month) - back in Helsinki in May 2015, ready for the new wedding season.

Want to keep up with the latest from our honey year adventures? Be sure to check back here, we'll be updating the blog for our readers and everyone back home!

The countdown has begun!