A gift from the girls // Frida

Hi friends! A new year and new beginnings are here. Today I wanna share with you some special memories from the year that was. During the holidays I was asked by my sister to come play a small part on her best friend's bachelorette party. What an awesome gift for the bride-to-be!

All I can say is, what.a.delight.it.was. This girl is a natural. 99% of all people would need some warm-up time getting used to being in front of the camera (myself included), not this one. She was on fire from the get-go! And today is her day. In a couple of hours she'll be walking down the aisle towards a new life and new ground. Our most heartfelt well-wishes to Frida and Tommy! May your shared road be blessed!

Heaps of love,

- Emmi & Ville