Photo: Hannah Salo

Emilia & Ville Kavilo

We long to make the world a more beautiful place. We struggle and wonder at the complexities of this thing called life. We are hungry for more moments of feeling fully alive. We struggle to love, serve and live well in this oddly beautiful thing called marriage. We are crafters of legacies with a deep fascination in people's souls and intertwining paths. We hope to bring more meaningful and timeless stories into your wedding visuals. As you prepare to initiate the equally beautiful and weird covenant called marriage, we want to be there with open hearts and ready cameras.

Ville is a blue eyed dreamer with an weirdly unquenchable wanderlust burning in his bones. A soul caring theologian incessantly looking for the next delightful discovery. A franciscan temperament wrapped up in a artistic mind and injected with entrepreneurial jitterbugs. A bundle of enthusiasm caught up in pilgrimages, brewing beer and coaching/spiritual direction. He is intrigued by the many layers of story, liturgy, ritual and tribal communications found in marriage rites. Experimental portraiture, innovative composition, smooth interaction and a knack for problem solving during a wedding day is what he is known for.  He is a  slow soul in a fast paced world. 

Emilia who goes by "Emmi" is a thoughtful aesthetic who loves the process of creating and refining an image. She has a knack for posing and an eye for detail. Her unobtrusive and calm presence is an appreciated gift during the wedding day. Aside from photography she’s drawn to creative projects around the home. A devoted music lover and nerdy playlist maker who likes to whip up her own essential oil crazy good face serum. And she has 40 cats. (just kidding)

Photo: Hannah Salo
Photos: Hannah Salo

Photos: Hannah Salo

Erik Abbor

Erik is an awesome dude who enjoys the nature to the fullest. His hands are often occupied with tools. Fishing rod, shotgun and a camera being the three most common ones. Don’t worry, the camera is the only one he brings when shooting you.

Eriks appreciation for natural things expresses itself in his photos. He loves to keep it honest, natural and beautiful.

Toni Wentin - Studio Manager

Toni is an adventurer at heart with a passion for learning new things and seeing new places. He has a seventh sense for problem solving. His sixth sense is by the way about being calm when things go haywire. Those extra senses often comes handy when there are a lot of stuff on the plate.

Toni is excited to guide you trough this process about telling your story to yourselves, your loved ones and the rest of the world.

He is the guy who gets stuff done. He is Your guy!

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